Welcome to CountMeIn!Hartford, Hartford's grass roots resource to promote and encourage promising business and social sector solutions!

Our vision is a vibrant Capital City where great ideas that advance the region and its residents are developed, vetted and implemented.

How do we do this?
We focus on the Ideaprenuer -- the person who owns, champions and runs with the idea.  

There are many good ideas out there, but without a strong Ideapreneur, they flounder.  

That is why all of our effort goes into placing the Ideapreneur at the center of a sea of resources and advisors.  Whether they are business, legal, marketing, or financial needs, we seek to connect Ideaprenuers with help.  We also offer Spark Chamber sessions to help work through roadblocks that the Ideaprenuer faces.

In many ways, CountMeIn!Hartford is an Idea Incubator which engages idea leaders in the region and provides resources and support to help them realize their vision.