Spark Chamber

spark chamber is a particle detector, a device used in particle physics for detecting electrically charged particles. Wikipedia

Like in particle physics, it is often difficult to detect the spark of a Big Idea. 

The CountMeIn!Hartford Spark Chamber is a unique opportunity for Ideapreneurs to get high-quality feedback on an idea or business plan.

The goal is simple: To help you advance your idea.

Each Spark Chamber brings together an Ideapreneur and a team of Advisors who are generally ignorant to the Ideapreneur's idea.  After learning about the idea, we seek to help the Ideapreneur overcome a current challenge.  We spend over an hour providing rich and deep feedback, suggestions for next steps and connections to ourselves and others within the region who may be able to assist.  
If you are interested in participating in a Spark Chamber session, either as an Ideapreneur or an Advisor, please send us your information in the "Join Us!" form to the right.